A small beginning (the 28th of February 2018)

One of my passions during the last years is writing. I used to write essays, some of them I’ll post here. I have all of them: handwritten with my pen and ‘secretly’ kept. The time has passed by, I’ve grown up and changed. I was young and a student then, now I’m a wife and mother. I’ve always dreamt of having my own blog. I knew exactly how it was going to look like and what I was going to write.

Let me begin with introducing myself: my name is Paula and I’m 24 years old. For now, I’m living in Germany where God keeps us for a while. I’m a wife and mother for almost 2 years now which, from my point of view, is the most beautiful feeling a woman can experience. I’m truly happy. You’re going to find out more about me because I invite you to join me during this new stage of my life – blogging.

I’ve especially chosen this day for launching my blog because this is going to be more for ladies and young women. But, of course, men can read too. I’m writing about my perspectives and principles about life, a part of my thoughts, ideas and other interesting aspects of life.

My dearest, all I wish on this special 1st of March is to have spring in your souls. May your love, kindness and peace bloom in your hearts. May your joy and patience revive in your lives. Be beautiful on the outside and especially on the inside. Love and let yourself be loved and receive everything from God with joy.

May spring have a home in your soul!