Blessing (the 20th of March 2018)

I’m your mother and I’m truly blessed. With my eyes full of gratitude, I look behind and remember the moment I found out I was going to be a mother. The feelings of joy, eagerness, fear, delight that I experienced back then were overwhelming. I love children, but I never thought I was going to have my very own at the age of 23.

Then the monitoring of the pregnancy started and each time I saw you on that little screen my heart was filled and refilled with joy and love. You were growing each month and so fast. Soon my clothes were no more suitable for your home (to be more exact – my belly), then I started to feel your movements and I became even more anxious. I loved you from the very first moment and I’d never stop loving you.

After some time, the doctor told us that you’ll be a boy and I readily remember that your daddy was extremely happy and excited, the happiest dad ever. Now, after more than a year and a half spent with you, I can say that I am the happiest mother on Earth.

I’ve learned so many things since you’ve changed my life, little one. I love you unconditionally! You were such a tiny baby, but I knew from the very first moment that you’ll be very special. You grew up so fast, maybe too fast. There are some moments when you grab my face with your hands – oh, what feelings, what emotions. I’d love to stop the time and enjoy that countless moment.

I have tears in my eyes and no more words. The memories we share together are more than overwhelming, my little love. You are beautifying my days and your smile brings me an indescribable joy.

I’m your mother and no one, nobody can ever change that. Tomorrow will be one year and nine months since you fill our house, souls and hearts with joy, love and laughter. I thank God for you every single moment.    

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