Custard slice/vanilla slice/mille-feuille/Crèmeschnitte (the 14th of March 2018)

From the series #iamawife

Custard slice/vanilla slice/mille-feuille (French)/Crèmeschnitte (Germany) is his favorite cake. Since we got married I’ve continuously tried to cook more and mostly the foods that he loves. I’ve received this recipe from my sister-in-law and it’s one of the best when it comes to this very special cake – vanilla slice. It’s also one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I cook this cake not so often because I like diversity and I adore to make other kinds of cakes. Since yesterday I was thinking that I can share this recipe with you also regarding the fact that I cooked it and because many of you have requested it.


❧ 5 eggs

❧ 1 l milk

❧ 2 vanilla puddings

❧ 15 spoons of sugar

❧ 11 spoons of flour

❧ 1 vanilla essence

❧ Caster sugar (optional)

❧ 1 package of butter

❧ Custard slice pastry (foils)


You can mix all the ingredients in one pot. Personally, I mix the milk with the eggs first. Then I add the puddings, the sugar, the flour and the vanilla essence. I cook the mixture over a gentle heat while I continue to stir. Usually, I use the classical mixer but yesterday it broke so I had to use the whisk. I stir continuously until the mixture becomes thick. The texture of the mixture is like the puddings when it is finished. I leave the mixture to cool and after a few minutes I add the butter and stir until melted and thoroughly combined. I also added two spoons of caster sugar. Then I spread the crème onto the pastry and on the last foil of pastry I also spread caster sugar for design. It was delicious!

I’m waiting your recipes for this cake and your ideas regarding its decoration. If you’ll try this recipe you can send me pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

Bon Appetit and may you all have a beautiful, sweet day!         



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