Late thoughts (the 5th of March 2018)

It’s late. My little baby doesn’t want to sleep probably because he considers this hour (9 p.m.) is a little too early for him. He’s speaking in his own language about something known only by his heart. We’re listening to him, smile and our hearts are filled with joy. I’d have never thought that such a tiny human being can bring so much joy.

I’m blessed. All I ever want for him is to have God’s protection, to receive His principles in his life, his heart and to choose God always.  I like to make time for him because now, when he is almost two, I can clearly see that he needs his mommy to play with him, to speak with him and to give him one of the most precious gifts: time!

The moment I found out I was pregnant I began talking to him. I talked to him about everything and all the time. I used to avoid the places where nasty words were used or where things that might have scared him happened. Now I see how important was for him to act like that. At almost two years he talks very much and very nice. He knows more than 50 words and he also makes connections. When I tell him to say after me, he repeats after me several times until he decides he likes it. We understand each other almost like two adults. He understands so much and he answers my questions. He also says a lot ‘yes’ and ‘no’ but that is no problem.

For all of you mothers out there, cleaning your house, cooking or going to work may be important, but the most important is to make time for your kids. This is one of the most valuable treasures that you can leave behind as a gift for your kids. Pray with them, sing with them and don’t forget to surround them with your love. They need to fall asleep at night smiling because they know that you love them, because they know they are important to you.

They are our treasures. Here and in heavens.

img_8020img_9555img_1646img_0521img_1739Processed with VSCO with m3 presetimg_0301


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