On his knees (the 19th of April 2018)


‘When you’ll have the courage to leave behind everything, then you’ll be prepared to start a new chapter. A wreck cannot navigate the waters.’

He whispers in his years and then leaves. He doesn’t know that it will be the last time he’ll see him. He remains like a stone block starring at the walls. He could picture with his minds eyes all the things in his life that he couldn’t let go carrying all around with him like a huge burden. He was expecting something to change but each time the things remain the same. Now all of them make sense. He couldn’t let them go and that is why everything was like an anchor stopping him every single time.

While he was thinking about all these he didn’t even realize that the old man was gone.

Suddenly, the words of the old man become more and more loud in his mind like a strong echo. He feels like he’s going to explode. He bangs in his bed grabbing a pillow and for the very first time in his life he cries. He was sorry, extremely sorry for every single wasted day in which he carried all that useless burden. His burdens were so heavy, so pointless, still he carried everything with him all over and now they are suffocating him. Slowly he feels an unknown courage, gets down on his knees and realizes that he’s ready to let go of all his burden and never carrying it again. With a last whisper he prays: ‘Lord, I leave everything here.’

Then he leans his head on the bed. He falls asleep. He wakes up after a few hours and looks around him just to see the room sunbathed in light and warmth. He stands up, smiles and walks out of the room lighter than ever before. He is free.

As a miracle he remembers those words: ‘leave everything behind’. There, in his little room, down on his knees he left everything behind and promised that he would never carry that useless burden again.