What is new (the 20th of May 2018)

Life is like a carrousel … Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down but the most important is who you have by your side. In our lives changes intervene. We receive everything with open hearts even if it’s not always easy. We know who we have near us and as we are faithful God carries us in His arms.

We’ve lived for the last three years in Germany. For those who believe that here everything is as easy as winking, I must say that it’s not true. It was hard, we’ve worked a lot, we’ve made sacrifices and we still do. We’ve learnt a new language from the beginning. We’ve learnt to adapt to the Germans lifestyle, to understand them and to act as we were thought by our parents. We made it. I can say now that people born and raised here are not as we’ve heard in Romania and that is ‘too cold’. We had the occasion of living for a while in a German village and for our biggest surprise all our neighbors welcomed us from the very first beginning. They’ve helped us a lot and I was really stunned to see people that I never saw before saluting us and asking how we are doing. We were blessed to live there. When we told our landlords that we’re going to move, they started crying and hugging us. We’ll never forget them!

A new chapter is opening for us as we’ve received the news of becoming parents again and we’re excited to meet our new blessing. In the next period our little baby boy will spend a beautiful time at his grandparents. Everything is settling down and some changes are going to appear on the blog, too. I’ll try to post a little bit more regular and divers. I have some interesting ideas that I’d love to present in the next months. Until then, you need to know that we are well, healthy and happy.

I send my love to you!