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Apps for editing pictures

(the 19th of August 2018)


Lately, I’ve received many questions about what kind of apps I’m using to edit my photos, so I thought it’s best to present all of them here and to show you how useful they are. I’m using now seven apps depending on what I want to edit in one picture, the light, the contrasts or effects.           


In the last two years I’ve used Google Photos to save all my photos both from my iPad and my mobile phone. You can make an online account and upload all your photos there. You can use this app both on your laptop and phone and so you have those pictures with you anywhere. When editing my photos, I use the following seven apps: VSCO, Square Edit, Snapseed, Pixlr, Unfold, Lightroom and PicMonkey. I also use the Keenai app when I want to download the pictures from the camera directly on the mobile phone.   


This app called VSCO is a free one and it also has a lot of nice presets. You can use a preset by default or you can play with the settings – this app has more options. I choose the preset I want to highlight depending on the picture, it’s either a vintage one, or a modern one. I often use these two presets: M5 and A6.        

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2- Square Edit 

We’ve talked about the VSCO which allows you to play with the presets; Square Edit is an app which helps you change the form of the original photo. Until now, on Instagram, you could only upload pictures which have a square form, but this app helps you upload a photo without cropping it. It also has some filters but, honestly, I haven’t use them. I use this app more often either to change the form of the original photo or to create a white frame.   


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Snapseed is a very practical application. You can use it to make literary everything. You can optimize the light, the contrast, the saturation, you can play with the balance, the cropping, the rotation, etc. This app helps you edit nicely your photos, you can use a lot of tools. I like to use more apps and presets, filters for editing the pictures, but you can see all of them in the hashtags I use in the description.

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4- Pixlr

Pixlr is an app I use more when I want to create a collage or when I want to overlap two pictures. This app offers you more options and settings just like the other apps, but I prefer to use it only for overlapping something. I’ll show you the last picture I edited with this app which also happens to be very dear to my soul. I’ve also used Lightroom to edit this picture, but I’ll present it a little bit later.  

(P.S. Dani dear, you were such a beautiful bride, but you must understand me, I needed a white frame and I found yours. Love you, sis!) 


5- Unfold

Hm… This app is a new one and it’s also a very nice one. You can add different quotes, thoughts or just titles to your pictures which will contain a very nice white frame. I’m using this app when I want to add some descriptions to my pictures or when I need them to look nicer.

6- Lightroom 

I must speak about this app because I’m totally in love with it. Since I’ve discovered it, I use it almost every day. From my point of view, it’s the most beautiful app of editing pictures! This app has the classical settings and tools (like cropping, rotation, light, contrast, etc.) but it also allows you to create and save your own preset which you can forward use to other pictures. I’ve created four presets which I mostly use and one of them it’s even a ‘veteran’ 😊). I could show you a lot of pictures I’ve edited with this app. I’m posting many of them on Instagram and so I can create my own ‘theme’ for my profile. Those of you who want the detailed specifications of my presets, please, don’t hesitate to write back, I’ll gladly help you.        

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7 – PicMonkey

PicMonkey has some very nice fonts. I mean, I use the app just for this. When I want to write a text on the top of a picture I use this app called PicMonkey. Also, just like the other apps, this has all the classical tools that you can use when editing a picture.